The program setup has room for 208 presentations, divided in 8 sessions and 8 rooms. Each session will be 1.5-2 hours long. Each slot will have 30 minutes (20 minutes for the presentation; 5 minutes for questions and answers; 5 minutes for the participants to change rooms).

The program committee will establish topics and tracks as we get closer to the conference. We anticipate that topics like those listed below are likely, based on the previous editions of the conference:

     Application development;
     Case studies of FOSS4G implementations;
     Transition to FOSS4G;
     Benchmarks: comparisons between packages;
     Interoperability, open standards, implementations for INSPIRE;
     Data collection, data sharing, open data, big data;
     FOSS4G in education;
     Analysis, manipulation and visualization of geospatial data;
     Sensors, remote sensing, laser-scanning, structure for motion;
     Strategic application domains: land management, crisis/disaster response, smart cities, climate change;
     New trends: IoT, Indoor mapping, UAV’s.

 The selection of the presentations, as in previous years, will be a mix of community voting and program committee evaluation. However, BLOC will make sure that every OSGeo project will have a “State of ” kind of presentation.