For more than 40 years, “Earth Observation” (EO) satellites developed or operated by space agencies like ESA and NASA have provided a wealth of data. While the availability of the growing volume of environmental data from space represents a unique opportunity for science, general R&D, and applications, it also poses a major challenge to achieve its full potential in terms of data exploitation. Firstly, because the emergence of large volumes of data (Petabytes era) raises new issues in terms of discovery, access, exploitation, and visualization of “Big Data”, with profound implications on how users do “data-intensive” Earth Science. Secondly, because the inherent growing diversity and complexity of data and users, whereby different communities – having different needs, methods, languages and protocols – need to cooperate to make sense of a wealth of data of different nature (e.g. EO, in- situ, model), structure, format and error budgets. Responding to these technological and community challenges requires the development of new ways of working, capitalizing on software and hardware developments to facilitate the exploitation, analysis, sharing, mining and visualization of massive EO data sets and high-level products within Europe and beyond. We are convinced that open source for geospatial can play a crucial role in addressing these challenges.

Through Open Source EO Data Challenge, we are challenging startups, open source developers, students and researchers to come up with something useful, valuable or interesting using large volumes of EO data. Linking of EO data with other sources of open data (e.g. OpenStreetMap) is highly encouraged. The competition will be open for approximately 7 months, from February until the conference date, and will have a few phases:

●     Call for ideas (open for one month). The best ideas, selected by a group of open source/EO data gurus, will go into second phase.

●     The feasibility of each selected idea will be tested by the teams with the help of a mentor coming from one of our veteran company partners.

●     The best of the best will go to the final phase where the teams will receive accounts on a geocloud with access to multi-petabyte of data and high computing resources.

●     The results will be presented during the conference and the winners will be selected by a jury with representatives from industry, open source communities, space agencies and the European Commission.

Our confirmed partener list include:

●     Romanian Space Agency

●     European Space Agency

●     Copernicus Support Office

●     The European Commission Directorate General for Industry, Internal Market, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, unit on Space Data for Societal Challenges

●     Creotech Instruments

●     Terrasigna

●     mundialis GmbH & Co. KG

●     Sinergise

●     EOX IT Services GmbH

●     West University of Timișoara – Computer Science Department