FOSS4G is the one of most important events of the year in the geospatial world. In direct proportionality with its increasing size stand the increasing costs to organize it and, as a direct consequence, the increasing participation cost that might not be accessible to all interested. 

The OSGeo community is by definition open and it has been a long standing interest of any Local Organizing Committee to make the event as accessible as possible. Bucharest Local Organizing Committee is no different and that is way we would like to introduce our efforts in this direction: Student Program and Travel Grant!

FOSS4G 2019 Bucharest offers 100 special tickets, 50% discount depending on the purchase time: Early Bird, Regular or Late Registration. The later you decide to participate, more expensive the ticket will be. 

The 100 special tickets will be offered to:

1. Romanian and international students. In order to obtain a special ticket:

– A Romanian student must send a copy of his student card valid for 2018-2019

– An international student must send a copy of his/hers European student card/ ISIC card

2. Participants from low income countries that must send a copy of their passport or ID. The eligible countries are listed in the World Bank 2018 classification.

The emails with the documents must be sent to After validation, the participant will receive a code with which the participant will buy the special FOSS4G 2019 ticket.