As years passed by and FOSS4G returned to Europe, we understood that this was the opportunity we must not miss! Who are we? We are the BLOC!

The Bucharest Local Organizing Committee (BLOC) is formed of the core members of, the Romanian OSGeo Local Chapter. is a 10 years old community and it has been proudly wearing the Local Chapter hat for the last 8. True to our open and international spirit, the BLOC is beautifully completed with 5 members from Germany, Estonia, Italy and Portugal to whom we kindly offer our gratitude and some tasks. The well shaped, informal and robust of not-so-young-anymore GI professionals, BLOC unfolds as:

Vasile Crăciunescu is a researcher with more than 16 years experience. He received his diploma in cartography and physical geography in 2001. In 2006 he started (, a collaborative effort by and for the Romanian community to facilitate the sharing of geospatial knowledge and the discovery and publishing of free geographic datasets and maps. He is also affiliated with the Romanian National Meteorological Administration where is in charge of the scientific and operational activities related to rapid mapping, air quality data integration, spatial data infrastructure and web-mapping. He has a good experience in working and leading national, EU and ESA research projects. Since 2011 he is the Romanian representative in the Copernicus User Forum (the European Earth observation program formerly known as GMES) at the European Commission and the representative of Meteo Romania at Open Geospatial Consortium. In august 2014 was elected in the Open Source Geospatial Foundation board of directors. For the last three years he is teaching FOSS4G-based techniques at the Faculty of Geography – University of Bucharest in the first Romanian ICA-OSGeo Lab. 

Tudor Bărăscu is Head of GIS Office for Vâlcea county water/wastewater operator. He has been working in the GIS field for 10 years: promoting FOSS; building a geospatial software company; contributing to QGIS, QWAT/QGEP and other open source software. Tudor speaks and teaches regularly at the OSGEO Local Chapter conferences and is a charter member.

Octavian Borcan is Sr. Data Acquisition & Community Lead at HERE Technologies Bucharest office, a digital mapping company setting a new course for location technology. He has a strong background in the GIS&IT field, working on multiple projects at regional and international level. Interested in promoting GIS, open data sources/software and technologies

Marius Budileanu PhD, is Assistant Professor at Faculty of Geography, University of Bucharest – his main research topics include coastal geomorphology, historical cartography, GIS Analysis and Remote Sensing. In fact, it is a very special mix of those three topics: integrates historical cartography and remote sensing data in GIS for a better understanding of coastal processes in time and space. It is also affiliated to Terrasigna involved in multiple research projects focused on applied Remote Sensing and GIS. Since 2007 he is a member of, Romanian OSGeo Local Chapter, and a board member from 2011.

Roxana Burlacu works as a GIS Analyst at Terrasigna, a Romanian company on Earth Observation. Her main field is focused on Cartography, Historical Cartography and Cartography Design. She promotes opensource technologies and data by also using them in her works. She owns a Master degree on GIS.

Bogdan Candrea is a forest engineer at Forest Design SRL since 2004. He developed several GIS applications on forestry, biodiversity, environment based on open source platforms. Among his area of interests you will find out constantly open source solutions based on: web-mapping, 3D modeling, remote sensing, GPS.

Sorin Constantin is an Earth Observation scientist at Terrasigna and a member of the community. He received his PhD at University of Bucharest, with a thesis on “Seawater turbidity analysis in the Romanian coastal area based on remote sensing data”. He completed post-doctoral studies at Laboratoire d’Océanographie de Villefranche-sur-Mer (France). His main interest are satellite data processing and the determination of water quality parameters from EO information. He has been involved in multiple research projects, most of them relying on open source software and open data.

Stefan Constantinescu is Associate Professor at the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geography. He is specialized in coastal geomorphology, with research interest in GIS and Remote Sensing techniques applied in the coastal zone. Another area of interest is historical cartography.

Olimpia Copacenaru works as a GIS Analyst for Terrasigna, a Romanian company in the field of Earth Observation. Her main research topics are the applications of remote sensing in agriculture and forestry, but she is also interested in historical cartography. Since 2013, she attended 10 seminaries and is very focused in promoting open source data and technologies.  Olimpia is also a PhD student at the University of Bucharest. Her thesis is related to the use of free satellite imagery in assessing the land fragmentation processes in Romania in the post-communist period.

Cristian Flueraru is a GIS and Remote Sensing Specialist. He received his MSc degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geography, with a thesis on `Determination of the Snowcover Extent Using Remote Sensing`. He has participated in the update of the Corine Land Cover in Italy, on the Arno river basin. Among others, he has been involved in multiple research projects focused on applied remote sensing such as: urban monitoring service for the World Bank, drought monitoring service in Romania, and forest loss monitoring in Romania.

Bogdan Grama is currently working as a GIS analyst and developer at Soft Business Union and has more than 10 years experience in the geospatial software industry, developing solutions based on open source technologies. He is involved in OSGeo Romanian local chapter community ( since 2013 and OSGeo Charter member since 2016. He is promoting free geospatial knowledge and the discovery and publishing of free geographic datasets and maps.

Codrina Ilie is a technical geographer, an open source GIS power user, actively working in improving open data services development at Terrasigna. In the last 4 years, her work has been divided between open data initiative development and geodata standardization and interoperability. In her 8 years of activity, Codrina has essentially focused on using open source GIS solutions for data management, processing and visualization. As an advocate for foss4g, since 2010 she has been a volunteer trainer in the Romanian geospatial community, Since 2013, Codrina has been a Charter Member of the OSGeo.

Robert Ille is an entrepreneur; co-founder of Digital Mapping in Arad – Romania, a company specialized in land surveying, cadaster and GIS. His interests are related to land measurements, GIS, remote sensing, location-based services, aerial imagery, geo-visualization, cartography and maps design. He is passionate of free open source solutions fighting for their promotion in Romanian institutions.

Florin Iosub is GIS Solutions Architect at Essensys Software, member of board, the Romanian Local Chapter of OSGeo and OSGeo charter member. With over 10 years of professional experience in the GIS field gained as a result of participating in the implementation of numerous projects, he is very well acquainted with the best practice and state-of-the-art of GIS technologies in all related fields. At the same time, he is very determined in spreading the FOSS4G values and principles and involved in various volunteering initiatives.

Iulian Iuga is working as GIS Architect at Soft Business Union and has more than 20 years of GIS experience, from data acquiring to cartography and software development. He is interested in software development and gis data processing, including sea and inland navigation systems. Iulian is member of since 2013.

Andreea Marin PhD, is Assistant Professor at Faculty of Geography, University of Bucharest. Her main research topics include fluvial geomorphology, historical cartography and GIS analysis. The passion for the academic environment led her to strongly push forward for the first Romanian ICA-OSGeo Lab. She is OSGeo Charter member since 2014 and member of board – the Romanian Local Chapter of OSGeo since 2017. Andreea is actively involved in the Romanian Local Chapter’s workshops and seminars, most visible with contributions as a GRASS GIS and R – RStudio trainer.

Narcisa Musat is chief accountant and financial manager at Terrasigna. She has a significant experience in organizing financial-accounting systems and financial records. Narcisa was the financial officer in projects with national and international founding (European Space Agency, European Commission).

Ion Nedelcu is Director for Environment and Security projects in the Romanian Space Agency and a member of board, the Romanian Chapter of OSGeo. As a member of many international committees and workgroups on geospatial information in general and satellite Earth observation in particular he’s got a very good knowledge of the current evolution of the geospatial world and, as an engineer, he acquired a significant experience in approaching real-world problems and providing geospatial solutions for various technology environments.

Dan Nita is Assistant Professor at Transilvania University of Brasov, Faculty of Silviculture and Forest Engineering – University of Transilvania since 2012 and a forest engineer at Forest Design SRL since 2007. He is specialized in forest hydrology, with projects and research in GIS and remote sensing applied in forest engineering.

Ionut Serban is a PhD student at University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geography and researcher in GIS and Remote Sensing department at Terrasigna, a Romanian rooted company. He is an active participant at OSGeo Romania events since 2013 and a board member of (OSGeo Romania local chapter) since 2017. He attended global FOSS4G conference in 2017. The experience gained in Boston helped him to better understand the relevance of such an event.

Daniel Urda is currently working as a GIS developer at Essensys Software, a major player on the GIS market in Romania. With a M.Sc. in Parallel and Distributed Computed System from the Politehnica University of Bucharest / VU University of Amsterdam, he has an interest in developing software used for geographical analysis, using both open source and proprietary building blocks, presenting his results at various FOSS4G events beginning with 2012. A OSGeo Charter member since 2016, in 2017 he has also joined the local Romanian chapter,

Cristina Vrinceanu is currently a Young Graduate Trainee for Earth Observation Data Applications at the European Space Agency where she focuses on using data fusion techniques and novel technologies for mapping and analyzing geohazards, prototyping new ready to use products and designing training activities. She has previous experience as a GIS Specialist in national projects related to hazard mapping and Earth Observation and has participated in numerous seminaries both as a student and a trainer. Along with the members, she has carried on work on promoting cartography and geospatial education as an Acting Secretary of the Romanian Cartographic Association. Cristina is also a PhD candidate in Engineering Surveying and Space Geodesy at the University of Nottingham with a thesis on the automatic detection and characterization of hydrocarbon seepage in the on-shore and off-shore environments using multiple satellite sensors.

Andreea Duminicioiu Event Organiser