The welcome/icebreaker party will take place on Wednesday, at Bragadiru Palace, after the completion of the 2 days of workshops and right after the main conference will have started. Its primary purpose is to offer the participants the opportunity to get together in a comfortable environment, to pick up conversations left off at the last encounter and to discuss of the events organized within the conference.

The gala dinner is the main formal social event of FOSS4G. Here, participants network at the highest standards, initiating connections and cultivating professional relationships. The event is programmed in the second day of the conference, a day when most participants are present and already in FOSS4G spirits, have listened to a series of talks and identified subjects of interest and the people to discuss the subjects with. And what location can be better for this, if not one of the most intriguing and unique places in the world: Parliament House.

Both events are included in conference price. Additional tickest (e.g. for partners) can be purchased from our registration page.

Beside our welcome party and gala dinner we strongly believe that the pub race will be a key feature in terms of socialization and relationship establishment. At the end of summer, Bucharest is a very cosy place to be and drink a beer or a glass of cold white wine. We intend to create a network of Official FOSS4G Pubs where every participant at the conference will have a consistent discount at beer or wine. This network will include 5 Official Pubs that will be located in the city center, in a walking distance of maximum 15 minute from the venue, the National Theatre. Because Bucharest has a vibrant nightlife, with many pubs and clubs, our network will be focused on three main directions: beer pub, craft beer pub and wine bar. This recipe was applied at FOSS4G-CEE in 2013 and it was a big success with long and beautiful summer nights. We will have 6 nights, starting from a warm up beer sunday evening, 5 Official Pubs and a lot of memories. More details will follow soon.