Workshops are one of the most attractive events of a FOSS4G conference. It’s the place where our new members are getting a taste of the power and flexibility of our awesome software.  Bucharest 2019 workshops will be organized in partnership with the University of Bucharest. This will give us not only a central location, 200 meters away from the main venue, but also a location for which we don’t have to pay. The workshops will take place on Monday and Tuesday, just before the conference. Each workshop will have 4 hours. Following the model from Boston, workshops will be “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD). Workshop presenter will get a free pass for the conference (Note: the free pass is not applicable for workshop co-presenters). There is also a condition for the free pass. The authors should publish in advance (at least one week) the workshop support materiales (notes, data, etc) on Github or a similar platform. Workshop attendees will be provided a customized OSGEO-Live USB memory stick. Workshop cost for half-day session is 30 Euro per participant (early bird). Students will get a 50% discount. Each workshop will be designed for 20–30 attendees, with larger rooms available for the very popular workshops.