Markus Neteler

Markus Neteler


The Road to Geospatial: How did it all start for you? What was your first geospatial undertaking?

“It all started for me with being a student worker at the Institute of Landscape Planning at the University of Hannover, Germany, where I was put in front of a Unix work station to explore GRASS GIS (it did not come with overview documentation back then). Being interested I explored the software with sample data, and started to write receipes for the students on different topics. This turned later into our book on GRASS GIS and the de-facto project management.”

Conference experiences: Why should one come to FOSS4G and not go to another geo-event? What was your significant conference experience that helped you carve your career?

“Very easy: come to FOSS4G in Bucharest because it is organized by cool people, attracting the broad community to join this August! This is the continuation of a series of excellent FOSS4G events. You don’t want to miss to meet with community members, talk openly to OSGeo leaders and hack along your own code (or talk to others to learn it). Importantly, FOSS4G is not only about software but also about education, outreach, analyses, and having a good time together. Unlike business conferences the attitude of FOSS4G conferences is the friendly style and sharing of knowledge. This made me trying to participate in as many as possible FOSS4G conferences.”

What is your advice for students and young professionals at the beginning of their journey?

“Be curious and not shy to talk to others. Learning and sharing knowledge is best done together, come to FOSS4G and you’ll see!”