Advanced geospatial Data Management platform (ADAM)

The Advanced geospatial Data Management platform (ADAM) provides an effective access service to environmental geospatial data, offering a user-friendly web-based application interface, as well as a Jupyter notebook environment for experts who want to write code using all available data, and a set of APIs for developers to connect to GIS tools and mobile apps.
ADAM implements and provides data cube access and processing services, namely each user can subset the data in space, time, field, avoiding transferring large amounts of useless bytes. Each datasets (satellite data, numerical models, ground measurements) can be accessed in the same way from a single point, without the need of being expert of the different data formats, geographic and temporal representation.
ADAM is a “horizontal” layer to support a large variety of thematic applications such as climate change monitoring and mitigation, cultural heritage safeguard, air quality assessment and monitoring, agricultural applications and (re-)insurance in agriculture, security applications, education, and many others.
In summary, ADAM facilitates access to geospatial environmental data by removing data access barriers with the final aims of making geospatial data as a commodity, implement a new technology transfer model, thus, to move away from data availability towards data usability.