Brockmann Consult

Brockmann Consult GmbH is developing software for environmental data and providing a comprehensive portfolio of services related to environmental data with most of its activities related to Earth Observation. The company offers specific software solutions to access, process, analyse, and disseminate Earth Observation data.

Flagship developments comprise SNAP, the Sentinel Application Platform for scientific analysis of EO data, Calvalus, a mass-processing platform for EO data based on Hadoop, and the CCI Toolbox, a software environment for ingesting, operating on and visualising all ESA Climate Change Initiative data.

The company’s broad spectrum of services comprise provision of information products, EO-based data services, consultancy for user and mission requirements, instrument design, development of processing algorithms, development of tools to support scientific algorithm development and data analysis, validation of data processing systems, production of higher level information products, product validation and support to scientific analysis of products (e.g. for environmental impact assessment).