Design & Data

Design & Data GmbH is an award-winning crossmedia agency specialised in science communication and outreach solutions for science domains in general and the space sector in particular. Our services are designed around our customer’s needs. We help to increase the visibility towards various target audiences including stakeholders, investors, employees, media and the general public.

We produce striking content marketing and crossmedia concepts and turn these into highly-polished visual products using any desired form of media such as video production, web development, animations, live streaming, social media and print production.

Since its founding in 2011, Design & Data has become an award-winning company in the domain of marketing, communication, creativity and media, having won the FastForward web video award, the EuroPAWS Award for “New Media” and the Communicator Awards by the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts. These recognise our work for production of the online-video cartoon series “Once Upon A Time…Rosetta” and the microsite “10 Years on Mars Express”.

Together we have over 15 years experience working in close collaboration with space agencies such as the European Space Agency (ESA), EUMETSAT, the European Southern Observatory (ESO), European Centre for Medium Weather Forecasting (ECMWF) UK Space Agency and DLR; space industry including Kayser-Threde and Jena Optronik; as well as TV broadcasters such as the BBC, WDR, and ZDF.

Our team consists of tech-savvy and design conscious professionals who enjoy the opportunity of contributing ideas, content and new technologies to your various print, web and video projects. With our collective experience in digital media and a vast network of professionals we are capable of realising all your digital communication requirements while ensuring that all your content remains factually true. We offer customised quality support and innovative ideas to drive your projects and your brand forward.