GAF AG was created as a private sector enterprise by Dr. Rupert Haydn, Agrar- und Hydrotechnik GmbH (AHT) and the Wittelsbacher Ausgleichsfond in 1985. Since then, it has developed into a European leader and provider of excellence in the geo-information industry. Today, GAF has not only established a strong domestic and European market presence, but has also built up an international reputation as an experienced provider of project design, management and implementation services to public and corporate clients. The company is part of the Telespazio Group and, together with its branch in Neustrelitz has a permanent staff of more than 220 experts.

Since 1985, more than 1000 projects in more than 140 countries have been successfully completed. Our customers include private companies, international institutions, administrative bodies, public organisations and NGOs. We are proud of the collaborative character of our projects, in which we involve local expertise to the greatest extent possible. Our competitive advantage is our capability to establish long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.

We are offering a comprehensive end-to-end service portfolio covering earth observation data, geo-products, the integration of space technologies (satellite communication, earth observation and positioning) into real world applications, the development of software and systems, technology consulting and institutional strengthening. GAF’s leading experts provide sustainable solutions for resources management, inventories, monitoring and planning – based on sound management practice and expertise in know-how transfer. The company’s activities are overseen by the CEO, Dr. Sebastian Carl.