ONDA is the Data and Information Access Service (DIAS) led by Serco Italia which, with the aim of facilitating the exploitation of Earth Observation satellite data and geospatial information, enables users to build and operate applications in the Cloud by providing Data, Services and Support.

ONDA provides:

     – Free and open access to a wealth of datasets from different sources, from the Copernicus Sentinels family, to EO missions to the Copernicus

     – Services that benefit from the performance of a market leading Cloud environment. The ONDA Cloud computing solutions are scalable, easy to set up and have predictable costs as well as optimised and consistent performance. An innovative data access technology is also provided, which allows users to easily extract only the needed product information from the data.

     – Customisable, managed support for expert users, to help designing and building scalable and advanced systems for data processing and also to provide solutions to integrate the user’s own data. The ONDA users will then have the option to publish and promote their results and applications through the ONDA marketplace.

     – User support, including a Service Desk available to provide assistance and technical help, online documentation and multi-lingual web content