TERRASIGNA is a well-established leading Romanian provider of customized geo-information services. Its expertise and capabilities contribute for 10 years to the European and international efforts in exploiting EO satellite data. The company’s position in the South East Europe has consolidated over the years, thanks to multiple projects implemented, services deployed, and knowledge acquired.
Terrasigna’s main business line refers to analysis, processing and interpretation of different types of Earth observation (EO) data. It provides customized Geo-Information services to a wide pool of public and private national, European and international clients. The EO monitoring services and applications developed by the company cover geographical areas from Romania and Europe to countries worldwide in domains like agriculture, forestry, marine environment, urban and critical infrastructure development, crisis management, etc. Its in-house developed algorithms and procedures represent innovative solutions for environmental monitoring and risk assessment, based on different techniques of: knowledge extraction from heterogeneous Earth observation data, data mining in large time series satellite imagery databases or spatial and semantic object recognition and annotation. Terrasigna also offers its clients desktop and web applications for geospatial data management (satellite images, maps, surveys, and digitized content). Terrasigna is certified within the TERRAFIRMA project, with the support of the German Aerospace Center (DLR), to apply SAR technology to Earth’s surface monitoring.