FOSS4G2019 morning run

Our everyday life activities keep us in a static mode, focused on a monitor, often typing energetically into small plastic pieces with symbols on them. Even though some of us daily see thousands of square kilometers from above or map hundreds of kilometers of roads, we barely move, keeping count of our steps from the desk to the coffee shop in the corner and to the conference room, hoping to hit the desired number of… steps. Exercising is important and not only because the doctors says so. That is why, we invite you on Thursday morning, from 7 to 8, to join us for a run around the Parliament Palace. We hope to see as many as you there, ready for your workout, even though the evening before sets the start of the FOSS4G2019 social events with the Ice Breaker! After all, an old Romanian saying clearly defines the guidelines “Who stays up late to party, must also wake early to work.”

The track:
The meeting point: Izvor Park
The details: 2.90 km / lap, +19m elevation difference lap
The run: 2 laps

You can register for free here.

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  • Mocanu Maria says:

    Frumoasa initiativa!Felicitari! Traseul este interesant si te ajuta sa realizezi oarecum si mai profund dimensiunea Parliament Palace…..
    Sa ne vedem cu bine la START!