Less than a month to go!

“It’s the 1st of August, a quiet, warm Thursday evening and… Wait! This is the FOSS4G2019 month! After just 3 more weeks, I will be in Bucharest, on a nice cosy terrace, sipping a cold beer or maybe a good Romanian glass of wine, talking to my old and new friends about the awesome days that lie ahead… In just 3 weeks! Times passes so fast…“ ☺

We like to imagine that at least some of you had today that moment today, within all the everyday commotion, that moment when you realise that this is the FOSS4G2019 month. Maybe, you opened the website to check any updates in the detailed schedule, or maybe you once again looked at the workshops programmed thinking if you made the right choice when you registered. Some of you maybe wandered around imaging where you will be in just 3 more weeks, or took another look at that impressive interbelic hotel you booked.

Either way, we, the Bucharest Local Organizing Committee, are happy, honored and proud to welcome you in our home, to create that geospatial event that you have been waiting for all year, for which you have made sacrifices (it’s a holiday month after all!) but where you are coming with an open heart, with your knowledge and experience, with your questions and curiosities. Needless to say, for us 3 more weeks to go has the effect of imminent impact! We are hard at work to make everything perfectly ready constantly worrying if time isn’t too short, yet we also enjoy our own FOSS4G2019 ride. It is a once in a lifetime!

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