FOSS4G2019 Accepted contributions: talks, workshops, labs and academic papers!

And yes, the moment you’ve been all waiting and anticipating is finally here! Who will you listen to at FOSS4G2019 Bucharest? Who will dazzle you with a brand new concept and who will teach you how to do business with open source? What about understanding how this diverse community even functions? And what state of the art workshops will you attend? Until now, you could only guess, but that time is over!

With great joy we share with you the list of all the awesome submissions the Program Committee, the Workshop Committee and the Academic Committee have selected to build the perfect FOSS4G 2019 conference! And what a challenge the selection was! We were keen in having all OSGeo projects present, the geographical and gender based diversity of our community represented and also keep a fair amount of talks/person/company. And, we have a little surprise for you. FOSS4G Labs are back! As we have received an impressive number of workshops, as much as we had to refuse 50% of submissions, the BLOC tried and succeeded in securing space for running 9 labs during the conference. Here is the hands-on quick dive into various FOSS topics. We hope you will be pleased with our FOSS4G2019 program work.

All the general track and workshops contributors with accepted submissions are kindly asked to quickly use their pretalx account (the one used to submit the proposal(s)) to confirm their participation to FOSS4G2019, so we can build the conference detailed program as swiftly as possible.

As we very well understand the important combination between the conference program and EarlyBird registration, we will extend the EarlyBird registration until 10th of June 24:00 UTC!

Workshops will be available for your choosing when you register in about 1 – 2 days. As, sadly, we don’t have a mechanism of adding workshops to already made registrations, participants will have to make a new registration selecting only the workshops.

FOSS4G2019 Bucharest is just 88 days away. Secure your set to the biggest and most animated geospatial event of 2019!

We would like to end by offering the Bucharest Local Organizing Committee official apologies to all contributors of FOSS4G2019 for the hiccups in the announcement emailing system. We deeply hope the situation did not cause any major inconvenience to anyone.

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